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Featured Artist: Kelly Franke

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Kelly Franke (Astoria)
I am from Babylon, Long Island, NY
My favorite artists are Ernesto Carivano, Gustav Klimpt, and John Singer Sargent.
The Queens art scene needs more galleries. There is so much talent, and I would love to see more of it year round.
I find inspiration in surrounding architecture. When I’m in the city, I draw the city. When I’m by the water, I draw nautical structures. Upstate, I’ll draw barns.
Always make it work.
Never say never.
My next project is a series of works for Addo in Sag Harbor.
Instagram – kellyfrankee

Featured Artist: Kelly Franke


My favorite Artists are: 

Ernesto Caivano | Eric Sloane | JC Leyendecker

Right now my work is:

Impulsive and fast paced. I’ve been forcing myself to make work in one sitting.

I love Queens because: It’s not Brooklyn and it’s not Manhattan.

When I was a kid:

I turned the space under my dad’s drafting table into my own studio hideout. 

I find inspiration in:

My environment. I respond to whatever space I’m in.


Treat others as you would like to be treated. Period. 


Hold on to anger or stress. 

Dream Project:

To have a solo show at a major NYC art venue. 

websites: kellyfranke.com


instagram: kellyfrankee