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Featured Artist: Chad Marra

IMG_5421 (1)

  • I’m from: Columbia, South Carolina, now an Astoria resident since ’08
  • My favorite artists are: Wassily Kandinsky, Mitch Epstein, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Daniel Albrigo and many, many more
  • The Queen’s art scene is: Unique and diverse, just like it’s many different ethnic communities
  • I find inspiration in: All kinds of music, the weather, the everyday hustle & bustle of life
  • Always: Live for joy, savor the little things, stress less
  • Never: Drive too slow in the fast lane (or stand on the top of subway stairs staring at smartphone, or block the subway doors, or…)
  • Next Project: Personal website and local business venture


website: coming soon!                                  instagram: @dizzpigeon

Featured Artist: Andrew Hamm

April 3

I’m From: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Earth.
My Favorite Artists are: Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Dexters Labratory), Bill Waterson (calvin and Hobbs), Mike Judge (Office Space, King of the Hill), Nicholas Gurwitch (The Perry Bible Fellowship).
The Queens art scene is: Hard to find, but worth the look.
I find Inspiration: in coffee.
Never: Not Finish!
Next Project: More cartoons, a Website overhaul and animated shorts!

Website: www.ahammaday.com
Instagram: ahammaday

Featured Artist: Pablo Tauler

La Mujer del Sueno


My favorite artists are: El Greco, Titian.

  • Right now my work is: Drawings and painting, figurative with abstract elements
  • I love Queens because: This has been my home since I moved to NYC many years ago. Loved the     multicultural aspect of Queens then and still do now.
  • When I was a kid: I created things all the time, play areas, drawings etc
  • I find inspiration in: So many around that I see
  • Do: Try to set aside time to relax and have fun
  • Don’t: Get caught up with people’s negativity
  • Dream Project: Creating more public Artwork, sight specific in which you take into account the community in which the work is to be located

website  pablotauler.blogspot.com                                                     Instagram: pablotauler