Featured Artist: Pablo Tauler

La Mujer del Sueno


My favorite artists are: El Greco, Titian.

  • Right now my work is: Drawings and painting, figurative with abstract elements
  • I love Queens because: This has been my home since I moved to NYC many years ago. Loved the     multicultural aspect of Queens then and still do now.
  • When I was a kid: I created things all the time, play areas, drawings etc
  • I find inspiration in: So many around that I see
  • Do: Try to set aside time to relax and have fun
  • Don’t: Get caught up with people’s negativity
  • Dream Project: Creating more public Artwork, sight specific in which you take into account the community in which the work is to be located

website  pablotauler.blogspot.com                                                     Instagram: pablotauler

Featured Artist: Sarah Young

1. Model 1

I’m from:  Corona, Queens, New York

  • My favorite artists are: Jenny Saville, Cindy Sherman, Lucien Freud, John Singer Sargent, Gustav Klimt
  • The Queen’s art scene is: Constantly modernizing and echoing the extreme diversity of it’s neighborhoods
  • I find inspiration in:  People, their stories and Loves
  • Always:  Love and Open your Heart
  • Never: Judge Harshly or be Unkind
  • Next Project:  Triptych based on images of Sophia Loren

Featured Artist: Stefanie LePape

unnamed (3)

  • I’m from:   Astoria, NY.
  • My favorite artists are: Way too many to list.
  • The Queen’s art scene is: Finally making its mark.
  • I find inspiration in:  Life’s shifting light, mood, sounds and music.
  • Always:   Search for truth.
  • Never: Follow the crowd.
  • Next Project:   Digital collage via mobile device.

website                                                                        instagram

Www.stefanielepape.wordpress.com                    @Sanikdote

Featured Artist: Adrienne Darnell


  • I’m from:  Alabama
  • My favorite artists are:  Neil Krug, Shae DeTar
  • The Queen’s art scene is:  movin on up
  • I find inspiration in:  my day job (looking at tons of portfolios), unexpected colors  
  • Always: test your limits
  • Never: become boring
  • Next Project:  shoot and create a book of 35mm color infrared photos shot throughout Vietnam and Thailand

Featured Artist: Amanda Lenox

9x12 mixed media 6

I’m from:  Dallas, Texas

  • My favorite artists are: Karl Mullen, Alice Neel, and Toshiko Okanoue
  • The Queen’s art scene is: On the rise
  • I find inspiration in: Psychoanalytic theory and practice; Vintage furniture and fabrics; Koresh Dance Company
  • Always:  Collaborate
  • Never: Stop talking
  • Next Project: Curating the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis with artists from the tri-state area.


website: www.centennialwomanart.squarespace.com                           instagram: Centennialwomanart

Featured Artist: Michelle Meged

unnamed (2)
·         I’m from:  Los Angeles, California
·         My favorite artists are: Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman; Beth Hoeckel; Christian Marclay; Andy Warhol
·         The Queens art scene is: a passionate and eclectic coterie of good-hearted misfits
·         I find inspiration in:  the everyday
·         Always:  dress up and show up
·         Never:  doubt your instincts
·         Next Project:  making collage gifs
instagram: @seedsof.today

Featured Artist: Jamie Della Selva


I’m from: Astoria (Originally New Haven, CT)
· My favorite artists are: Albrecht Dürer, Picasso, John Singer Sargent, Matisse, Hans Baldung, Peter Paul Rubens, Otto Dix, Van Gogh, Tracey Emin and more
· The Queen’s art scene is: Refreshing, everything still feels new and stimulating here.
· I find inspiration in: mostly emotion and people, old art, love/dreams , etc
· Always: listen to your instinct
· Never: see yourself just one way
· Next Project: I would like to do some new portrait studies of myself and others.

website : http://www.jamielyndellaselva.com instagram: jamiedellaselva