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Live Blogging from Bowery Bay (Sat, Oct 18 12:20 AM)

Just around the corner from Astoria Beer & Brew, Bowery Bay is showcasing two artists as well as music by C0UC0U from 10PM – 1AM. DJs Zach and Paul, who have lived in Astoria for about five years, share a drumming background and passion for 90s R&B hits with female vocals. “We hang out and listen to mix tapes and underground rap, and naturally began exploring how that music fits into more traditional dance patterns,” says Zach.


The two DJ regularly on the Lower East Side, spots like the Delancey and Heathers, and would love to see a demand for their sets locally. “We want to see Astoria as a destination, rather than just a hangout,” says Paul. Head on over to Bowery Bay to hear more. The dance party has begun!

Live Blogging from Astoria Beer & Brew (Friday, Oct 17 10:50 PM)

Owls for Olive just kicked off a set at Astoria Beer & Brew, where manager Rodrigo Urbieta has also creatively curated the work of four artists in a relatively small space (ceiling included). One artist showcased here tonight is Allison Ruiz, who was born in Astoria in a hospital that no longer exists. Her work is pen and ink, and features recognizable local spots like the Neptune Diner. A first timer in the Art Festival, Allison says, “It’s a very inclusive experience. Seeing everyone’s work has made me feel like I’m not alone. There are others in the neighborhood with similar endeavors.” Check out more of her work at


Live blogging from Singlecut (Sat, Oct 11 10:40 PM)

Astoria residents Mike Dwyer and Neill Shaughness have lived in the neighborhood for years, but it’s their first time coming to the festival. “This is great. We love it,” says Dwyer, who makes his living in comedy. “There’s enough to do here, but it’s also quiet enough to feel like a neighborhood.” “Mostly I love my apartment,” Shaughnesss says. “I have a front door, and can’t wait to bring candy to the people this Halloween.” Both are thrilled to be experiencing the art festival, and hope to bring an element of comedy next year.


Live blogging from Singlecut (Sat, Oct 11 9:00 PM)

We just heard from Meghann Wright and the Wrongs, a Bushwick-based band that has been playing together for the past couple years. Meghann met Adam Steiner of the Green Gallows (performing later tonight) while playing a show in Astoria, and the two groups go on tour together in November. “Every time I come to Astoria I have a great time,” Wright says. “Aside from the art, we don’t have as much community bonding in Brooklyn or Manhattan. It’s really unique.” The band will play a farewell show on October 30th at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn. Check them out at