2014 Astoria Art Festival Artists

Abdelmonem Amin – Bareburger

Alacia Stubbs – Lockwood

Alice Lipping – Dougherty Gallery

Allison Ruiz – Astoria Beer and Brew

Amiee Andrews – Olde Prague

Ariel Shallit – Pachanga Patterson

Ashley Mendolia – Olde Prague

BA Van Sise – Astoria Park Wine and Spirits

Brendan Carroll – Queens Comfort

Carrie Crow – Olde Prague

Caryn Cast – Astoria Wine and Spirits

Christina Donofrio – William Hallet

Clemens Kois – Sparrow

Conrad – Snowdonia

Dani Blum- Sweet Afton

Denise Averbukh – Snowdonia

Dennis Borowsky – Mars

Edwin Vazquez – William Hallet

Efrem Zelony-Mindell – Crescent Grill

Elma Skopljak-  Crescent Grill

Emily Marchisiello – Sweet Afton

Gino Di Bianco – Pop Bar

Hanna Washburn – Crescent Grill

Hannah Lansburgh – Rest au Rant

Jacob Genen – Milkflower

Jamie Della Salva – William Hallet

Jardley Jean- Louis – Front Toward Enemy

Joe Kavitski – Bowery Bay

Jonathan Lindsey – Fattys

Kaiser Kamal – Front Toward Enemy

Kelly Franke – Sweet Afton

Ken Jones – Astoria Park Wine and Spirits

Kimberly Abbott – Off the Hook

Kristen Long – Lockwood

Lauren Kushnick – Astor Bake Shop

Lauren Roeder – Bowery Bay

Liz Van Buren – Bareburger

Lori Klopp – Pop Bar

Louis Gasparro- Singlecut Brewery

Lucy Butler – Body Language Tattoo

Maggie Perrier – Olde Prague

Mair DeMarco – Olde Prague

Mario Savinon – Front Toward Enemy

Nicole Palapoli – Astoria Beer and Brew

Pablo Tauler- Astoria Beer and Brew

Patty Eljaiek-  William Hallet

Phil Provencio- Astoria Park Wine and Spirits

Rachel Merill – Off the Hook

Roberto Montoya – Locale

Salvadore Espinoza – Astoria Park Wine and Spirits

Sandra Vucicevic – Front Toward Enemy

Sean Hopkins – Front Toward Enemy

Shaun Fletcher – Sparrow

Tania Nunez – Pachanga Patterson

Veronica Soto – Astoria Beer and Brew

Victoria Febrer – Resta au Rant

Victoria Grinman – Vesta

Yuki White-  Crescent Grill

One thought on “Artists”

  1. How can I submit to be a part of the Astoria Art Festival, I read about this article in the Queens Scene August edition. I curate shows at The Bao Shoppe at 3066 Steinway street, I hope it’s not too late, and would love to hear more about it.

    I’m eager to learn more about this, and how I can get familiar with Queens. My website is currently under construction, and can send you my portfolio upon request.

    Best regards,

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