Featured Artist: Amanda Yezerski

Neighborhood (Astoria)
I’m from: Cleveland, Ohio.

Favorite artists: Nana Lala (artist I met while traveling in Thailand), Marina Abramovic, among others

The Queen’s art scene is: Still a mystery! Just moved here and haven’t found my art niche yet.
I find inspiration: In nature and traveling.
Always: Pursue your goals wildly. On your deathbed, you’ll never wish you had spent more time at the office.
Never: Go in the sun without ample SPF.
Next project: Furnishing the apartment my boyfriend and I just moved into.

Website: amandayezerski

Instagram: neonand9th

Featured Artist: Kelly Franke

unnamed (1)
Kelly Franke (Astoria)
I am from Babylon, Long Island, NY
My favorite artists are Ernesto Carivano, Gustav Klimpt, and John Singer Sargent.
The Queens art scene needs more galleries. There is so much talent, and I would love to see more of it year round.
I find inspiration in surrounding architecture. When I’m in the city, I draw the city. When I’m by the water, I draw nautical structures. Upstate, I’ll draw barns.
Always make it work.
Never say never.
My next project is a series of works for Addo in Sag Harbor.
Instagram – kellyfrankee

Featured Artist: Jonathan Lindsay

Jonathan Lindsay (Astoria)
I’m from Philadelphia.
My favorite artists are:  Francis Bacon, Paul Cezzanne, Dali, H.R. Giger and Caravaggio.
The Queens art scene is:  something I’m proud to be a part of. Watching it grow over the past 12 years has been exciting and a privilege.
I find inspiration from:  the people I surround myself with and the feelings I get from them.
Always:  have meaning.
Never:  get stagnant.
Next project:  I’ve been working with the Gansevoort Hotel in London on a logo project and recently been approached by Gallery Forty Two out in Indianapolis for consignment and a commission for a new series of paintings. Exciting times.