Featured Musician : Dave Harrison of The Mess Around

935680_10151892787693102_887872578_nCheck out the Mess Around on Saturday night at Olde Prague!

My favorite musicians are:  My stock answers are usually theRamones, Replacements and Otis Redding, but it really depends on the situation. Sometimes I wake up in the morning with a Buddy Holly song stuck in my head that fits the mood perfectly, and other times I want to listen to nothing but Howlin’ Wolf all afternoon. Sometimes I need an amazing Alex Chilton turn-of-phrase and sometimes I need a Candy Snatchers song at 11.

Right now my work is: My work is equal parts totally stressful and incredibly fulfilling. I work at a marketing and branding agency that counts a lot of iconic brands as clients. Finding ways to be creative within corporate confines is difficult but also rewarding. You find ways to cut through the business bullshit and find ways to create something that resonates with people, just like a great song or story.

I love Queens because: I love Queens because of the energy of every single block. It is so palpable that you can almost hear it when you walk down the street. Living closer to the water in Astoria, I have a bit of a walk to the subway. The buzz of the cars going over the Triboro Bridge, the dogs barking and kids playing in the park, the ninety year-old woman sweeping the sidewalk for no apparent reason, it all combines to create an atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else.

When I was a kid: When I was a kid I had a lot of obsessions. My desire to know about everything and how it worked was so strong that sometimes I couldn’t decide what to focus on. I was in such awe of everything; one week it was baseball, then U.S. Presidents and then the history of my block. Not to be a wiseass about it, but just to KNOW. I guess I haven’t changed much.

I find inspiration in: I find inspiration in a good story. Whether that happens in a bar at 3am on a Tuesday or on the subway at rush hour, I always try to leave myself open to hearing one.

Do: Listen more than you speak, and visit places that terrify you.

Don’t: Worry about money. Either you have it or you don’t, and the worry does nothing to change that.

Dream Project:  I want to be the person that gets to select baseball players’ batting songs.

Website: N/A
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mysteryaction


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