Featured DJ’s: C0UC0U (Zach Shuster & Paul Brown)


Check them out October 17th, Friday night at Bowery Bay!

Our favorite musicians are: Falcons and Destiny’s Child.

Right now we work in: looking for fun songs to remix is a full-time job.

We love Queens because: HoneyBuns are still $1

When we were kids we: had trouble sleeping but now we stay up as late as we want.

We find inspiration in: puppet-based educational programming for French children and R&B with female vocals. We want to be big in Japan but we will settle for Southeast Asia.

Do: come out to our sets.

Don’t: leave early.

Dream Project: Ciara and Future get back together, have another baby, and we DJ the christening. Jesus smiles approvingly from the back row but leaves before we can tell him about our soundcloud.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/c0uc0u

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wearec0uc0u

Instagram: http://instagram.com/_c0uc0u_


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