Featured Artist : Mair DeMarco


My favorite artists are:  Dale Chihuly.  Ansel Adams.  Wes Anderson.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Right now my work is: My way of maintaining peacefulness, clarity and mindfulness.

I love Queens because: It’s a melting pot.

When I was a kid: I played with Star Wars figures instead of Barbie dolls.

I find inspiration in:  Artists like Jessica Hagy and Austin Kleon.  Both find innovative ways of expressing their creativity by using visuals to tell stories, jokes and truths.

Do:  Do cherish your friendships

Do take naps

Do admit when your wrong

Do challenge yourself

Do laugh like no one is watching


Don’t take life too seriously

Don’t try to be someone your not

Don’t hold on the past
Don’t fear the reaper
Don’t worry. Be happy

Dream Project:   Sailing around the world with my camera.

Website: www.mariannedemarco.com

Instagram: mairdem


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