Featured Artist: Alacia Stubbs

1.  My favorite artists are Pierre Bonnard and Edward Hopper.
2.  Right now my work is about exploring in paint the Queens “urbanscape.”  I love the hodge-podge mix of early 20th century home architecture with more recent amendations that you see everywhere in older neighborhoods.
3.  I love Queens because it is a mixture of big city excitement (shopping, theatre, music, art galleries); parks, and suburban-like streets of private homes with gardens.  A scenery and an activity for every mood!
4.  When I was a kid I already knew I was going to be an artist.
5.  I find inspiration in walking around Queens looking at everything; browsing through “99 Cent” stores; riding the #7, I love the views out the subway windows!
6.  Do?  I don’t understand this question.
7.  Ditto
8.  My dream project would be to put together an exhibit of all my paintings, works on paper, and  sculptures on the subject of the Queens urbanscape, and show it all in a Queens gallery.

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