Featured Artist: Ashley Mendolia


  • My favorite artists are: Vivian Maier, Bill Brandt, Edward Steichen, Man Ray, Manet
  • Right now my work is: 35 mm Film Photography. I love taking portraits of people.
  • I love Queens because: it’s my hometown. Every block of every Queens neighborhood offers a surprise!
  • When I was a kid: I was fascinated by
  • I find inspiration in:  time and its effect on people and things. Time and the passing of it is so hard to grasp, photos capture moments but of moments passed. It all becomes a nostalgic dream.
  • Do:  dream about a future revival of dark rooms.
  • Don’t:  like charging camera batteries.
  • Dream Project:  to create a series of portraits that demonstrate the excess that we crave in life but don’t truly need and how it affects personalities and life pursuits.

website            Ashleymendoliaphotography.wordpress.con      instagram ashleypashley826


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