Featured Artist: Mario Savinon

mario savinon

  • My favorite artists are: Dali, DonRemix, Os Gemeos, James Jean, masakatsu Sashie
  • Right now my work are: hanging out in the corner talking amongst themselves.
  • I love Queens because: the world has yet to recognize its true artistic potential.
  • When I was a kid: I spent a lot of time in la la land……..
  • I find inspiration in :  la la land
  • Do:  with a paintbrush what others do with words, swords, and butter.
  • Don’t:  follow or obey
  • Dream Project:  had this idea a few years ago. it was called lobby for the arts. LAFTA. Where every lobby and building in the city had local artists hang their work. Imagine that!!! every single building had its own local artists hang their work inside outside, on the streets, trees, on people, dogs, and scaffolding.
  • website: www.mariosavinon.com                     
  •  instagram: loveandantennas

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