Featured Artist: Christina Donofrio


  • My favorite artists are: oh wow.  so many.  lately I find myself drooling over work by Tom Bagshaw and Danny Van Ryswyk. 
  • Right now my work is: is mostly photography but, the series I have submitted for the festival is mainly portraits from old photographs in oil on canvas.    
  • I love Queens because:  I grew up here and, so did my parents.  I can’t imagine any other place feeling like home.  Queens has everything you need and everything else you could want is just a stones throw away.  
  • When I was a kid:  I ate a lot butter…and barfed a lot….both unrelated
  • I find inspiration in : dark things.  
  • Do:  everything you want to do
  • Don’t: drink while doing everything you want to do…because then you won’t remember doing any of it.
  • Dream Project: ha. right.  
  • website   http://broomhilda17.wix.com/cemetery-queen            instagram  instagram.com/broomhilda17

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