Venue Spotlight: William Hallet

When George Rallis decided to open a second bar and restaurant in 2011, he envisioned a place that had something for everyone. “A lot of places concentrate on one ethnicity or genre of food,” he says. “I wanted to introduce an American food menu with something taken from every culture – place where you can have a burger or a full dinner and get a late-night bite that isn’t diner food.”

William Hallet is an American bar and bistro serving food until 3:45 a.m. daily. Chickpea fries, a Turducken meatloaf sandwich and PBLT with pork belly are just a few favorites off the inventive food menu, while the bar serves up new takes on classic cocktails.

Rallis, who was born and raised in Queens, was hanging out in Astoria long before he opened his first bar, Hell Gate Social, in 2005. William Hallet’s identity is also inspired by local history, named after the founder of Astoria. “I like to have a connection to the area I’m in,” Rallis says.

A strong supporter of Astoria as a whole, Rallis views new restaurants as a boon to the area, rather than competition. “Over the course of the last five years, more and more places have been opening up, which encourages more people to stay in the area,” he says. “It helps businesses and the community overall.”

His passion for the neighborhood is what brought Rallis to participate in the Astoria Art Festival from the beginning, helping out behind the scenes and hosting Art Fest events at Hell Gate Social before it closed in 2013. “Even from our first spot we were about arts and music, and I just felt that I should continue that with our new spot,” he says. ” The Astoria Art Festival affords me that ability.”

William Hallet
36-10 30th Ave.
(718) 269-3443


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