Featured Artist: Emily Marchesiello

emily marchiesello

  • My favorite artists are: Alex Grey, Vincent Van gogh, Boris Vallejo, Klimt, Brian Froud
  • Right now my work is: mainly made up of very colorful line drawings of animals, using fine tipped ink markers spanning the colors of the rainbow.
  • I love Queens because: it is my home! The Ditmars Blvd neighborhood is beautiful and I always feel so good and so happy walking its streets.
  • When I was a kid: I made mix-tapes from 92.3 K-Rock at night when I was supposed to be asleep.
  • I find inspiration in : nature and the unknown.
  • Do: believe in your innate talents and gifts.
  • Don’t: white knuckle the eraser. Embrace your errors.
  • Dream Project: Creating art for my favorite musicians’ albums and/or concert posters. Id love to see my artwork become something iconic and necessary for the full experience of the music. Just like how Alex Grey and TOOL go hand in hand.



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