Featured Artist: Sandra Vucicevic


·   – My favorite artists are: Dali, Max Ernst, Magritte, Marcel Duchamp, Matisse, Robert Rauschonberg, Francis Alÿs, and many more.

·         – Right now my work is: about “in-betweenness,” transition, and multi-dimensionality. I mix and fuse contrasting elements, visual languages, media, and techniques in order to portray my perception of the complex and multi-layered nature of Reality

·         – I love Queens because: Queens was my first experience of USA and it remained my home and workplace for last nine years

·         – When I was a kid: I used to have very intensive dreams, which later inspired my art

·         – I find inspiration in: everything around me, nature, cosmos, philosophy, music

·         – Do: believe in miracles

·         – Don’t: give up before trying

·         – Dream Project: Large-scale interactive installation in a museum setting

website  www.sandravucicevic.com

twitter     https://twitter.com/SandraVucicevic  


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