Featured Artist: elma skopljak

· My favorite artists are: Eugène Delacroix; Mersad Berber; Hung Liu; Ian Francis.
· Right now my work is: a contemporary expression of the collective unconscious mind.  I would say figurative and sensual. I start my painting process on the floor as an action painting, so I can walk around and see the piece from all corners. This approach gives me the freedom to explore the texture and depict the gestural expressions of the painting brushstroke itself.
·I love Queens because it’s the Queen of melting pots.  Neighborhoods that have such variety of vibes. I’ll say: Good vibe!
·When I was a kid: I discovered that blue ink was the most fascinating media to play with.
· I find inspiration in: music, poetry, movies, fashion and beauty.
· Do:  enjoy the moments in time especially tiny ones cuz that’s paradise and make sure you sketch it down to the line.
·    Don’t:  is “do” upside down
·    Dream Project: to work in
collaboration with different artists and explore different media perhaps moving images…



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