Featured Artist : Jamie Della Salva

Girl Lay 2013

  • My favorite artists are: To name a few: Albrecht Durer, Egon Schiele, Picasso, El Greco, Caravaggio, Hans Baldung, Titian, Tracey Emin, Amelie Hegardt

    Right now my work is: changing– as I’ve become more self-assured and grounded in my surroundings, my work has become more fluid and free.

    I love Queens because: my area of Queens (Astoria) feels like an old-school neighborhood and has history, but still has unique bars, and places that truly support the arts. Also, the food.

    When I was a kid: the most important things to me were Flintstones push-up pops, catching garden snakes, and watching my mom draw everything I asked her to.

    I find inspiration in: heartache, people, abnormality, color in nature, light and dark

    Do: have passion, authenticity, and sincerity in everything.

    Don’t: Overwork something to the point of no return (in art and beyond) if you are overwhelmed. Somewhere under ten layers of paint on one canvas, was the right painting.

    Dream Project: to live in Italy or Spain for a period of time, and make a series of art collections to exhibit.

    website    www.jamielyndellaselva.com            

    instagram    jamielyndellaselva


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