Featured Artist: Liz Van Buren


  • My favorite artists are: Edvard Munch, Edgar Degas, Chuck Close
  • Right now my work is: in its formative stage, finding its identity in the art community.
  • I love Queens because: it has the same accessibility as Manhattan, but with a more residential vibe. It’s everything you want and need, right at your fingertips.
  • When I was a kid: I was covered in glitter, glue, and craft supplies.
  • I find inspiration in: just about everything and everyone I encounter, but music is my biggest source of inspiration at the moment. And, of course, any artist who has the courage to put themselves out there and boldly try new things is truly an inspiration.
  • Do: more of what makes you happy.
  • Don’t: let your demons get the best of you.
  • Dream Project: a solo art exhibition.
  • Website and Instagram: …are in progress 🙂

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