Featured Artist: B.A. Van Sise

  • My favorite artists are: Arnold Newman, Philippe Halsman, Josef Sudek, El Greco
  • Right now my work is: working as a travel photographer. It’s the absolute best.
  • I love Queens because: It’s great to be in on something great from the beginning, instead of the end.
  • When I was a kid: I wanted to be a fighter pilot gangster chef. (Why pick only one? Specialization is for insects.)
  • I find inspiration in : poetry, fresh air, the breeze, kids in parks who are playing with things other than their iDevices.
  • Do: See the world. Now. You only get one, precious, beautiful life.
  • Don’t: Get imprisoned in Nigeria. It’s the worst.
  • Dream Project: Dreams are only the things you don’t attempt.

website: bavansise.com


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