Venue Spotlight: The Pop Bar

The Pop Bar, on Astoria Boulevard, is a venue where hung art can feel at home. What better place to view emerging and local artists than a bar and restaurant inspired by popular culture and Astoria’s growing art scene?

“The concept, while bringing in street art from the neighborhood, is really about the neighborhood as a whole, esthetically and culturally,” says owner Jeremy Osslund. “We want art to be an intrinsic part of our bar, because it’s a part of the community.”

Osslund opened The Pop Bar on July 4th of this year, with the idea that the large space would showcase various mediums of art and design. Murals are painted onto the walls; movies, tv shows and 90s music videos are often playing and several music, comedy and artistic events have already taken place here.

“You come for the art, and you stay for the great food and drinks,” Osslund explains. While cocktails at The Pop Bar remain simple and classic, the food has a Pacific-surf twist. Spicy soy chicken wings, cold sesame noodles and crab rangoon are just a few examples of menu items that incorporate fresh flavors.

Osslund is excited to be a part of the Astoria Art Festival, recognizing an art scene that has been developing here for years. “Noguchi was one of the first designers to settle in and bring the art scene to Astoria. There’s Socrates Sculpture Park, which is an ever-evolving, art park,” he says. “We have a huge art community here. It’s a bit underground, but I think that’s what makes it sort of romantic.”

The Pop Bar
12-21 Astoria Blvd.
(718) 204-8313

Photo credit: Michael Hall


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