Venue Spotlight: The Sparrow Tavern

Astoria institution The Sparrow Tavern may not deck its walls with paintings, but since the inception of The Sparrow Film Project in 2009, the bar and restaurant has become a hub for the neighborhood’s art scene.

Sparrow has always been a gathering place for local creatives; musicians, writers, actors, painters and stagehands make up a large share of the regular crowd, as well as the staff. Now that the rock and roll bar has garnered attention for it’s European-American menu, new customers are regularly drawn to the corner of 24th avenue and 29th street.

“Any restaurant can be a good place to hang art. It’s good for emerging artists because if you’re not established yet, people won’t necessarily travel to see your work, but people will always travel to eat good food,” says owner Evangelos Roumeliotis. “It’s a great way to get exposure.”

The Sparrow Tavern has participated in the Astoria Art Festival from the start, getting creative with the limited wall space to showcase more alternative art forms. Last year the restaurant was covered in Instagram photos from local artists, friends and family. This year, The Sparrow Film Project, in it’s fifth year, is a sponsor of the Art Festival.

“Anything that brings people to the community is good for business. With the Art Festival events, people who have never been here before wander through,” Roumeliotis says. “More so, it’s a fun thing to do. Artists get to share their work and we get to see new faces. It’s a great event.”

The Sparrow Tavern

24-01 29th St.

(718) 606-2260


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