Featured Artist: Giana Stanigar

My favorite artists are: giana

Frida Kahlo, Annie Leibowitz, and Egon Schiele

My work is a combination of:

Sneaky portraiture, nature close-ups, and gritty realism.

I live in Queens because:

We have the best food, reasonable rent and everything we need right here!

To instagram or not to instagram:

Yes,  it can be a great inspiration board done correctly.

Being an artist means I pay my bills by:

Doing my full time job, selling vintage at Pin Up Queens.

Queens could have a better artist community if it:

Got more PR for the cool place we have become.

My go to website for ideas:


In 5 years, Queens will mean this to artists:

A thriving, supportive community of independents.


Take a moment out of your day to be grateful for what you have.


Dismiss something until you try it; with the exception of violent crimes

My next project is:

Painting renaissance masterpieces onto vintage leather jackets

My website: Pinupqueensnyc.com                      Instagram: Gianastanigar


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