Featured Artist: Michelle Witchipoo

My favorite artists are: Los Hernandez Bros (Jamie and Gilbert Hernandez), Salvador Dali, Aubrey Beardsley, Erte, Alphonse Mucha, Pamela Coleman Smith, Hanna-Barbera animation, and many, many more. Not just other artists inspire me. Many times music will do the trick, as also with writers. Real life can be the best inspiration of all. michelewitchipoo

My work is a combination of : Basic cartooning, underground comix art, and fine art drawing.

I live in Queens because: It’s a multicultural area without all the pretension of some of the other boroughs. Parts of Queens are only a short subway ride to Manhattan – but you can always head back to Queens for some peace and quiet. Also cost of living is cheaper.

To instagram or not to instagram: Instagram – hell yea.

Being an artist means I pay my bills by: Selling my artwork and self-published comics. Taking assorted jobs. Gritting my teeth until the day comes when I have to grow up somewhat.

Queens could have a better artist community if it: If there was more local artist events. Examples: getting together for a drink and draw, a picnic where everyone sketches, etc.

My go to website for ideas: I don’t have a particular website in mind, per say. Just like to hit random pages and see where it takes me. It also depends on what subject matter interests me at the moment.

In 5 years, Queens will mean this to artists: Queens will be a vibrant art community just like Brooklyn and Manhattan. However, I don’t think it matter where you hang your hat. An artist should live wherever she/he feels most comfortable. Besides, many wonderful artists already live in Queens.

Always: Carry a sketchbook. If no sketchbook, draw on napkins.

Never: Let the bastards grind you down.

My next project is: Just continuing to self publish my comics, work on illustrations and paintings.


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