Featured artist: Lena Friday

My favorite artists are: Chagall. Matisse , Frida Kalholena

My work is a combination of : naïve, folk art, and my own style

I live in Queens because: I love the diversity, especially Astoria café society.

To instagram or not to instagram: it’s visual art, so yes to instagram.

Being an artist means I pay my bills by: now I am unemployed due to the accident.

Queens could have a better artist community if it: if it had more venues where new artists could showcase their work.

My go to website for ideas: ebay, etsy, my mind

In 5 years, Queens will mean this to artists: it will be MEAN to artists if they won’t be able to afford to live in Queens.

Always: follow your instinct.

Never: hurt anybody, especially animals!

My next project is: hopefully hanging artwork for display in my favorite neighborhood, Astoria!

My website:       http://www.etsy.com/shop/nyredhead


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