Featured Artist: Ben Louria

My favorite artists are: Robert Williams, Todd Schorr, John Byrne, Ron Englishben-louria

My work is a combination of : satire and realism….”satirealsm”

I live in Queens because: I love the diversity and proximity to the city….and I can’t afford Manhattan.

To instagram or not to instagram: not to instagram…(I never signed up)

Being an artist means I pay my bills by: working in the pre-press department in a print production company, and stealing time to paint.

Queens could have a better artist community if it: had more venues to display art, not just art studios for working artists, but places for emerging artists to meet and show art.

My go to website for ideas: juxtapoz.com

In 5 years, Queens will mean this to artists: Hopefully a place that has continued to grow as an artist destination.

Always: Look at ways to improve and grow.

Never: Stop working.

My next project is:  A portrait of the good friend’s daughter who lost her battle with leukemia.

My websitewww.benlouria.com


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