Featured Artist : Tatiana Kiseleva

My favorite artists are: Philippe Halsman, Bjork,  Tom York,  Lars von Trier, David Lynch,  Francesca Woodman, Sally Mann

My work is a combination of : emotions and intuition

I live in Queens because: It’s close to the airport. I love airplanes.

To instagram or not to instagram:  to instagram

Being an artist means I pay my bills by: I pay my bills regularly 

Queens could have a better artist community if it: had more events like this one

Always: yes

Never: always

My next project is: coming

My website:   tanyakiseleva.com                              Instagram: kismus

Featured Artist: Giana Stanigar

My favorite artists are: giana

Frida Kahlo, Annie Leibowitz, and Egon Schiele

My work is a combination of:

Sneaky portraiture, nature close-ups, and gritty realism.

I live in Queens because:

We have the best food, reasonable rent and everything we need right here!

To instagram or not to instagram:

Yes,  it can be a great inspiration board done correctly.

Being an artist means I pay my bills by:

Doing my full time job, selling vintage at Pin Up Queens.

Queens could have a better artist community if it:

Got more PR for the cool place we have become.

My go to website for ideas:


In 5 years, Queens will mean this to artists:

A thriving, supportive community of independents.


Take a moment out of your day to be grateful for what you have.


Dismiss something until you try it; with the exception of violent crimes

My next project is:

Painting renaissance masterpieces onto vintage leather jackets

My website: Pinupqueensnyc.com                      Instagram: Gianastanigar

Featured Artist: Jonathan Lindsay

My favorite artists are: Francis Bacon, Denny Dent, Basquiat, H.R. Giger, Carvaggio, Dali, Picasso, G. Trasatti, Everyone… Jonathonlindsey

My work is a combination of: Impulse, unplanned emotional extremes and paint. My best work is when the spark of inspiration hits me right when i’m standing in front of the canvas. Many times you are inspired with only a pencil and pad in your hand. It is truly amazing when the picture hits the canvas first without thought or plan.

I live in Queens because: Everything I need is here. Friends, Inspiration, Community…Love. Queens is home.

To instagram or not to instagram: To Instagram…any social forum that can help spread a visual that I create is a tool worth having. I won’t put finished works on Instagram but it is a great way to show the world what I’m doing. I enjoy showing the process of my work. I don’t need to cover it up for a big unveiling.

Being an artist means I pay my bills by: By doing something else…for now.

Queens could have a better artist community if it: Had more home grown artists. All forms of art are being taken away from kids at a young age now due to cut backs. Art is important, oh, and keep 5 POINTZ…

My go to website for ideas: Most of the time I still use all the art books I have inherited over the years but I will go to Tumblr. It is a great sounding board for a visual artist. Or I just go to Google and run a search.

In 5 years, Queens will mean this to artists: I’ve been here for 10 years now and I see the neighborhood growing and new people constantly filling up the blocks. Queens and especially Astoria are where artists are moving to start their lives. I mean I did it. I can’t be the only one. It is a great welcoming neighborhood with great people. It can only grow.

Always: ADAPT…

Never: Hold on too tight…this applies to most things.

My next project is: Constantly evolving. I’m never really sure where my art or process is going to take me. I do know that I’m constantly improving and I am ready to share with a larger audience.

My website: www.jonathanlindsay.com

Instagram: instagram.com/jonathanjlink

Featured Artist: Anthony Calendra

My favorite artists are: Carravagio, Bernini, Rockwell, Rembrandt, Klimt, SargentOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My work is a combination of: Oil pastels combine the colors, creamy textures, and blending capabilities of oil paints with the control of a drawing medium. My work is a combination of technical precision and whimsical subject matter.

I live in Queens because: I moved from Boston in 2005 when 13 of my former classmates from Mass Art lived in Astoria. I am the last one left.

To instagram or not to instagram: I see it’s value but I am not taking advantage of it as of now.

Being an artist means I pay my bills by: Whatever means necessary haha

Queens could have a better artist community if it: More gallery space and more promotion.

My go to website for ideas: http://todaysinspiration.blogspot.com/, Drawger, Pinterest, Behance,

In 5 years, Queens will mean this to artists: Hopefully will become another renowned hotspot for up and coming artistic talent.

Always: Keep a positive attitude, and keep making art.

Never: Lose sight of your goals, or let discouragement stop you from making art.

My next project is: Story boarding for an advertising animation

My website: www.anthonycalandra.com

Featured Artist: Beth Lerman

My favorite artists are: Rene Magritte, Caravaggio, Madeline von Foerster, Brandon Bird, Hans Holbein the Younger, Waterhouse, Yves Kleinbethlerman

My work is a combination of : Surrealisam, New Brow, Renaissance and Pop

I live in Queens because: The food is amazing, it’s close to everything, it’s considerably more affordable than Manhattan or BK and it’s extremely diverse.

To instagram or not to instagram: I don’t, but not for any particular reason. I mostly just post to my website and Facebook.

Being an artist means I pay my bills by: going to school for psychology. I’m in my second year of a Mental Health Counseling master’s program at Fordham.

Queens could have a better artist community if it: had more low-cost studio spaces and more art events like open studio days.

My go to website for ideas: I don’t really have one. I get inspiration from all sorts of places. If I really need some inspiration, though, I’ll go to the Met, the Frick Collection, or Opera Gallery in Soho.

In 5 years, Queens will mean this to artists: honestly, I see Queens as NYC’s next big artist community. Historically artists have gone where it’s affordable to live. Once upon a time that was the Village; more recently it was Williamsburg. I think there’s a good chance that some neighborhoods of Queens will be next.

Always: Dignity.

Never: Sell out.

My next project is: I’m currently in the middle of painting a tarot deck, “The Zeitgeist Tarot.” I’ve completed 10 cards (paintings) so far, but still have a long ways to go. (There are 78 cards in a deck!)

My website: www.bethlerman.com

Twitter: @boethe

Featured Artist: Michelle Witchipoo

My favorite artists are: Los Hernandez Bros (Jamie and Gilbert Hernandez), Salvador Dali, Aubrey Beardsley, Erte, Alphonse Mucha, Pamela Coleman Smith, Hanna-Barbera animation, and many, many more. Not just other artists inspire me. Many times music will do the trick, as also with writers. Real life can be the best inspiration of all. michelewitchipoo

My work is a combination of : Basic cartooning, underground comix art, and fine art drawing.

I live in Queens because: It’s a multicultural area without all the pretension of some of the other boroughs. Parts of Queens are only a short subway ride to Manhattan – but you can always head back to Queens for some peace and quiet. Also cost of living is cheaper.

To instagram or not to instagram: Instagram – hell yea.

Being an artist means I pay my bills by: Selling my artwork and self-published comics. Taking assorted jobs. Gritting my teeth until the day comes when I have to grow up somewhat.

Queens could have a better artist community if it: If there was more local artist events. Examples: getting together for a drink and draw, a picnic where everyone sketches, etc.

My go to website for ideas: I don’t have a particular website in mind, per say. Just like to hit random pages and see where it takes me. It also depends on what subject matter interests me at the moment.

In 5 years, Queens will mean this to artists: Queens will be a vibrant art community just like Brooklyn and Manhattan. However, I don’t think it matter where you hang your hat. An artist should live wherever she/he feels most comfortable. Besides, many wonderful artists already live in Queens.

Always: Carry a sketchbook. If no sketchbook, draw on napkins.

Never: Let the bastards grind you down.

My next project is: Just continuing to self publish my comics, work on illustrations and paintings.